About Us

Take profession & Hospitality back to your Hotel & Restaurant

Fei Bi Xuan is essentially a supplier of superior quality of linen products for hotel, restaurant and wedding, no matter catering linen, room using linen and other decorative linen all could be satisfied in a high quality. Our products and service offering is targeted as follows:

1.    We are aiming to offer our entire product range in Asia, South Asia, Mid-East, and all over the world through, not limited to, the distributors, wholesales and cooperative agents. In addition to this, we provide the 24 hours online service so that your request should be promptly respond.

2.  We are seeking to offer our customer with entire product range plus the professional service of customizing products through material, design and size. It is possible to ensure that products are fully matches the proper use of hotel.  

3.   With the vast knowledge of the hospitality and decoration industry, we have plenty of skilled technicians with extensive range of know-how and strong sense of responsibilities. We could save your budget by providing the extraordinarily reliable products. We dedicate to ensure that the durability and performance of all our products are far beyond ideal for this industry.