Spun polyester table cloth for Intercontinental in Feibixuan

Spun Polyester Fabric
-A article to introduce spun polyester to all readers.
As we all know, cotton is the most popular fabric in the world. People love it for  it feels soft, environmental, natural, etc. People could say all kinds of advantage of cotton. Same to our hotel testile, hotel want to bring their customer a best experience. Therefore, for room textile, over 90% textile products are cotton material, such as bedding set(bed sheet, pillow, quilt), towel, robe, etc. 
Same as to catering textile, we also prefer cotton products, such as cotton table napkin, cotton glass napkin, cotton kitchen cloth, cotton table cloth. But cotton products also have its disadvantages, such as color fade, shrinkage, simple design, etc. Therefore, factory develop a new material which own cotton and polyester advanges but reject their disadvanges- Spun Polyester Fabric.

Spun Polyester Fabric is a fabric which feels like cotton but actually polyester material. It combine cotton and polyester advantage to get more design but soft feeling to match widely use. The advanges as below:
1. No Shrinkage.
2. Feels like cotton, a soft feeling.
3. No fade after long time use or wash.
4. More design- Polyester can woven more design than cotton material.
5. Easier to dye colors.
6. Prolong product's lifetime.
7. Hard to wrinkle.

Here are some table cloth show we made for local intercontinental.