Axminster Carpet

Axminster Carpet In FEIBIXUAN

Item No.: FB-AC-2
Axminster carpet is  in a feature of excellent appearance, stability, durability, and comfort. Those features make them become the first choice for hotel and club and distinguish with other carpet.
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Hotel project

Item Axminster carpet, Hotel carpet, and wall to wall hotel carpet  
H.S. Code: 5702 4100 5702 4100 5702 4100 5702 4100
Area of Suitability: Hotel, Suite, Room, Mosque, Conference, Lobby, Hallway, Corridor, Meeting Room, Casino, Restaurant, Public Areas
Yarn Fiber: 80% NZ Wool and 20% Nylon
Color No.: Max. 16 colors as approval, 2 stocked sets 18 colors/set
Pitch: 7 per inch 7 per inch 7 per inch 7 per inch
Density: 7x7 7x8 7x9 7x10
Tuft Density: 49 per inch 56 per inch 63 per inch 70 per inch
Yarn Count: 2/47's Dewsbury – 660/2 Tex
Pile Height: 8mm +/- 0.5mm 8mm +/- 0.5mm 8mm +/- 0.5mm 8mm +/- 0.5mm
Total Height: 10mm +/- 0.5mm 10mm +/- 0.5mm 10mm +/- 0.5mm 10mm +/- 0.5mm
Pile Weight: 28.4oz/sq.yd 32.5oz/sq.yd 36.5oz/sq.yd 40.0oz/sq.yd
Total Weight: 63.9oz/sq.yd 68.0oz/sq.yd 74.0oz/sq.yd 78.5oz/sq.yd
Backing: Polyester, Jute/PP, Constructive BASF Latex
Width: 3.66/4m 3.66/4m 3.66/4m 3.66/4m
Permanent Antistatic: ≤3.5KV ≤3.5KV ≤3.5KV ≤3.5KV
Fire Rating: Passed Bf1-s1, t1 Passed Bf1-s1, t1
Suitability: Medium Contract Use Heavy Contract Use
Special Treatment: Anti-Bacteria Protection (Free), Anti Stain Finish (Additional Charge)